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Bathroom styles come and go, but one thing never goes out of style – quality workmanship. A superior cabinetmaker in Virgil like Millbrook Cabinetry will custom-create your dream bathroom cabinetry, vanity and storage units that you will proudly enjoy for many years to come. Let’s take a look at four hot trends in bathroom renovations.

Floating Vanities

This is one of the most important elements in new, free-breathing bathroom design. Free up the floor for convenient cleaning and eye-catching looks! By attaching your bathroom vanity in Virgil to the wall instead of having it rest on the floor, you create an airy, modern feel. A wide variety of styles are available that can include anywhere from one to three sinks, the number of mirrors you desire, and open or closed shelving.

Wood, Wood and More Wood!

Nothing replaces the warm look of wood in conjunction with smooth modern design lines and palettes to achieve the perfect bathroom décor. When incorporated in the perfect design, there is no material on earth that so effortlessly creates a look both classic and modern. Don’t overlook wood when planning your bathroom renovations in Virgil and surrounding areas!


Can you spot the trend? Much of bathroom design since 2000 was focused on the aseptic look of glass, chrome, porcelain and marble. Make way for the renewable and natural! New design is far less reminiscent of a hospital and far more of a Scandinavian spa. Stone is part of this warming trend. It may be pricier than other materials, but for looks and longevity, it’s absolutely unbeatable! Look to accent your custom vanity or cabinetry with stone countertops, soap trays and drawer handles. Let your imagination run wild!

Open Space-saving Storage

Bathroom sizes are trending down rather than up. This means making efficient use of space without sacrificing design is more important than ever. Your bathroom should look sharp, but it should also be functional! A quality cabinet maker in Virgil will work closely with you to create the look you want without sacrificing efficiency. There are many custom accessories available like storage racks, drawer dividers, rollout trays and tilt-out trays just waiting to be incorporated creatively in your new bathroom renovations in Virgil and surrounding areas!

Are you looking for a superior cabinetmaker in Virgil? Or are you considering a new bathroom vanity in Virgil? Contact us at Millbrook Cabinetry! We’ve been helping homeowners in the Virgil and surrounding areas like you to design and build their dream bathrooms for 25 years! Call us today!


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