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Thinking about renovating your outdated kitchen? There’s nothing like new kitchen cabinets to increase storage and create a fresher and more modern space. But balancing design and efficiency can be a tricky business. Keep reading to learn more about how the kitchen work triangle can make your kitchen both stylish and practical.

What Is the Kitchen Work Triangle?

The kitchen work triangle is the crucial space between your fridge, stove and sink. When you’re making a home-cooked meal for your family you need to be able to move quickly and easily from your countertop to the stove, the sink, the fridge and back again without hitting any obstacles or bumping into anyone.

The work triangle is the most important area of your kitchen so it’s important that it’s designed with your specific needs in mind. Conveniently located only minutes from Niagara Falls and St. Catharines, the experts at Millbrook Cabinetry can help you create the perfect kitchen for your home and your own unique needs.

What Are the Benefits of Work Triangle Design?

Ineffective design creates an ineffective working space in the kitchen. A well-designed kitchen work triangle means that you’ll be much more comfortable cooking meals in your kitchen. There are other benefits too, such as:

  • Safety: Things can heat up quickly in the kitchen. Having a clear path from the stove to the sink and counters can help reduce the likelihood of slips and spills and keep everyone safe.

  • Proximity: The main goal of the triangle is to keep each of the different kitchen work stations close to the cook, making it easier for you to work quickly on those fancy, time-sensitive dishes everyone loves.

  • Efficiency: Having everything close at hand and being able to move around the kitchen with ease means that the time you spend in there won’t be wasted scrambling around searching for supplies or stepping around obstacles.

Planning with an Expert

The work triangle is one of the most commonly used kitchen design features in Canada because it can create a kitchen that is both enjoyable and practical to cook in. But of course, the best kitchen layout is the one that’s designed with your tastes and lifestyle in mind. Call us today for more help choosing the right kitchen cabinets, coming up with the perfect design or for your full kitchen renovations. Millbrook Cabinetry is proud to provide expert guidance, sales and installation of both bathroom and kitchen cabinets in Virgil and surrounding areas


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