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Thinking about upgrading the look of your kitchen? One of the easiest ways to achieve the designer kitchen look is to pair the kitchen cabinets in your Virgil home with the right backsplash. But what if you have no idea where to even begin? Don't worry. The kitchen cabinet makers at Millbrook Cabinetry Inc. are here to provide you with some tips for choosing the perfect backsplash material and colour to complement your kitchen cabinets.

Match Tile Material to Cabinet Style

One of the best thumb rules to stick to when deciding on a backsplash for your kitchen is to match the material of the tile to the overall style of your kitchen cabinets. If your cabinets have a more modern feel, then you don't want to choose a rustic-looking tile.

For a modern kitchen, you'd be better off going with a metallic, shiny backsplash. Rustic, dark-stained cabinets will look fantastic when paired with a natural stone backsplash, or perhaps even with a backsplash in an antique brass or bronze finish. A Tuscan-style backsplash will really pull together the look of a kitchen with beautiful Old World cabinets.

Use Colour to Create a Cohesive Kitchen Theme

You have two main options when it comes to the colour of your backsplash: to choose a neutral tile that harmonizes well with your cabinets and counters, or to choose a tile that adds a bold and contrasting splash of colour.

Neutral tiles work great because they help the space feel more clean, airy, and open. Neutral colours can also be used to create a timeless look that will almost never go out of style, such as the classic all-white kitchen. White cabinets and a white subway tile backsplash, for example, is a persistently popular combination.

While you can't go wrong with neutrals, you also shouldn't be afraid to play with colour. As long as it complements rather than clashes with your cabinets, a bold backsplash can bring a touch of style, fun, and whimsy to any kitchen. If you're feeling extra bold, you may even want to consider patterned or mosaic tile.

Consider Brand New Kitchen Cabinets

If you just can't find the right backsplash to go with the kitchen cabinets in your home, it could be because your cabinets are simply too old and out of style. It may be time to consider new cabinets which will not only give your kitchen the look you want but also all of the functional and efficient storage space you need. With brand new kitchen cabinets, you should have no problem finding the perfect backsplash.

The cabinet makers at Millbrook Cabinetry Inc. can provide you with customized kitchen cabinetry solutions within your budget. We can construct and install kitchen cabinets to suit any colour or style scheme, helping to bring your dream kitchen to life.

For beautiful new kitchen cabinets in Virgil and surrounding areas, just get in touch with Millbrook Cabinetry today.

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