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Thinking about installing cabinets in your home? Here are six creative places you can install them that don’t include the kitchen or bathroom.

1. Home studio or office

If you work from home or you have a studio for crafting, making art or playing music, installing cabinets will allow you to maximize the area and offer you storage space. Consider using two or more strong base cabinets a few feet apart with a slab of plywood placed on top to make a desk, or create a wall of cabinets to store your supplies.

2. Entertainment centre

Cabinets make a great base for an entertainment unit. They can be used to create a credenza, or as the bottom of a built in shelving unit that will hold all your electronics and anything else you want to display or store in your living room. The cabinets will also help hide those ugly but essential electrical wires.

3. Garage

If you’re handy and use the garage to store all of your tools, cabinets will help keep everything organized. While not a necessity, cabinets with locking doors are practical because they reduce the amount of dust that gathers on your tools and will stop children from getting at dangerous items.

4. Entryway

A row of short cabinets topped with a padded bench will make a pretty and practical addition to your entry way. You’ll be able to get to your shoes, bags and sporting gear easily without leaving them in plain sight. The bench gives you a comfortable place to sit and take off your shoes.

5. Bar

A home bar is a must for people who love to entertain. Whether you’re keeping it simple or you want to build a replica of your favorite Irish pub, you’re definitely going to need cabinets to store glasses, bottles and everything else needed to create the perfect bar.

6. Laundry room

This is an area that tends to get cluttered. Cabinets will create storage space for your laundry supplies, linens, seasonal clothes and anything else you store in your laundry room.

Custom Cabinets in Virgil and Nearby Region

Cabinets are a useful addition to almost any room in the house. The expert cabinet makers at Millbrook Cabinetry Inc. will help you design, construct and install the perfect piece for any room in your Virgil area home. Stop by our show room or call us today to begin designing your custom cabinets.


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